IBG Your Global Business Partner

Besides our current trade business, IBG is getting more and more envolved in Agricultural and Fish Projects.
Hereby is our know-how and relations network used, to get new production facilities started.

Telline (Wedge Shells)

In February we started the production of Telline (Wedge Shells) in Bulgaria.
IBG has made an exclusive contract with a local producer. We have sent technical engeneers and machinery to the place and take care of a high quality product.
Besides the start up, we take care of training local people and an environment friendly production.
Also is taken care of quality control of Telline in the future: small sizes are not being caught and studies will be developed to maintain the quality of Telline secured for the future.


In the course of 2014, IBG will start production of Tilapia in Angola.
There is a shortage of fish in Angola while the climate extremely good is for Tilapia production.
The most modern system will be implanted, not only for the production of grown fish, but also for the production of fingerlings.
This fingerlings will be sold to local producers, and training will be given to these producers.
A gap in local fish supply will be reduced.
At the same time, will be taken care of environment and training of local staff.
Here again, there will be a combination of a local partner and our know-how and relations.


Under study, IBG has a big Roses production facility in Angola.
During 2014 studies will be ready and, maybe even project getting started.