IBG Your Global Business Partner

We, as International Business Group, residing in Den Bosch, the Netherlands, act as a pivot between, and production of, and trade in food products for those countries for, which the path to the source is long, new and complicated.

That requires special know-how, perception of the customers needs, anywhere in the world. In short it calls for dedication, based on trust and close ties between IBG and our customers.

IBG offers this for the full 100%!

You got to know your customers, and you got to know the ways.
IBG knows both!

Our aim is to give satisfaction by providing products, manufactured with old fashion craftsmanship and hygiene in combination with up-to-date production processes. Of course, the dedication of IBG, covers strict control of quality and taste.

Before our products can follow their path throughout the world, a great many rules and regulations have to be taking into account. This means filling in, forms, transport documents, customers formalities, in short, a paper chase that it is different for every country. IBG takes responsibility for the efficient and correct processing of these documents.

We arrange the most suitable forms of transport. Because also here we apply our basic principles. Tailor made service, flexibility and efficiency. We guarantee a careful customer friendly handling of your product.

But that’s not the end of it. We want our customers to do business with us, for many years to come. So, they may expect, and rightly so, that our care will continue even after delivery.

From IBG you should expect nothing less!

Get in touch with us and start a solid and flourishing relationship with International Business Group.